WS890 Water Soluble Solder Paste


WS890 Water Soluble Solder Paste

WS889 Solder Paste

WS890 is an excellent all-around water soluble, lead-free solder paste. WS890 has superior reflow characteristics giving very low solder balling and very low graping. WS890 contains special additives which promote the flow of gases out of the solder joints resulting in ultra-low voiding. WS890 has been formulated for environmental stability giving long stencil life and excellent print characteristics.


Superior reflow characteristics
Environmentally stable and long stencil life
Ultra low voiding

Production Details

Shelf Life: Nine months

Standard Lead Time

4 work days

Available Containers

30 gram syringe
100 gram syringe
250 gram jar
500 gram jar
500 gram cartridge
600 gram cartridge
1300 gram cartridge
7 pound cartridge

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