WS888 Water Soluble Solder Paste


WS888 Water Soluble Solder Paste

WS888 Solder Paste

WS888 water soluble lead free solder paste is designed to meet the requirements for reliable solder joints in the PCB assemblies. WS888 displays previously unseen levels of repeatability and consistency even in a wide range of temperatures (65-85F) and relative humidity (25-65% RH). Residues can be cleaned using warm water. This product was formulated to minimize voiding in the printing and reflow process. WS888 cleans easily and has beneficial wetting characteristics. This product is classified ORH0.


Excellent volume transfer efficiency
High resistance to slump and dry-out, even in extreme humidity conditions and RH
High speed stencil printing up to 150mm/sec
Excellent low-voiding performance that exceeds IPC Class III requirement
Enhanced tack performance and printer open time
Very cleanable paste residues with hot DI water (120-140F)

Production Details

Shelf Life: Nine months

Standard Lead Time

4 work days

Available Containers

30 gram syringe
100 gram syringe
250 gram jar
500 gram jar
500 gram cartridge
600 gram cartridge
1300 gram cartridge
7 pound cartridge

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