SN100C Lead Free Alloy


SN100C Lead Free Alloy

SN100C Bar Solder

FCT Assembly has partnered with Nihon Superior to be able to offer their patented lead free nickel stabilized tin/copper wave solder alloy – SN100C worldwide. SN100C was developed to offer a technically superior and more economical option to the tin-silver-copper alloys also being considered. SN100C is also significantly less costly than other tin alloys including SAC305.


Smooth, shiny solder joints
Low reactivity to equipment
Eutectic temperature
Allows for easy pot management
Low cost
Low dross formation

Available Products



SN100C Wave, dip, reflow, manual rework
SN100Ce SN100C bath maintenance
SN100CL Hot air solder level (HASL)
SN100CLe SN100CL bath maintenance
SN100C3 High temp tinning and dip soldering
SN100C4 High temp tinning and dip soldering
SN100C Wire SN100C solid wire in various diameters

Production Details

Shelf Life: 10 years

Standard Lead Time

3 weeks

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