Root Cause Analysis


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Root Cause Analysis

—Root Cause Analysis identifies the root cause of yield problems and provides solid solutions for yield improvement. This service is unique to FCT Assembly; no other stencil or solder paste manufacturer offers this comprehensive value added service.  FCT Assembly performed over 300 jobs in 2012 with a 98% success rate.

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—Root Cause

What do we provide?

  • Identify the root cause of yield problems
  • Accurate and thorough analysis based on assembly and process variables
  • Detailed Analysis reports
  • Significant increases in assembly yields with custom stencil designs requiring no process changes

Areas where yield problems occur:

PCB, Component footprint, Print, Pick-and-place
Reflow, Wave Solder, Solder Paste, Reflow profiles, thermal heat sinks

—Common Defects:

Poor paste release, bridging at reflow, tombstones, component shift, insufficient solder, dewetting, solder balls, voids, component skew 

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