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PCB Assembly

Headquartered in Greeley, Colorado, FCT Assembly is a global leader in technology driven products, specializing in the development and manufacturing of high performance solder paste, advanced solder fluxes, laser cut SMT stencils, and process enabling coatings for the PCB Assembly industry.

Solder Paste & Fluxes

Solder Paste & Fluxes

FCT Assembly is committed to the continuous development of PCB assembly solder pastes and solder fluxes in order to offer solutions for the demanding assembly industry. We offer a number of leaded and lead-free solder pastes along with diverse flux technologies to accommodate any PCB assembly process.

Recycling Services

High-Quality Laser Cut SMT Stencils

Our wide variety of in-house, laser cut smt stencils work in conjunction with our solder to offer the highest quality print with minimal defects. We know the demanding nature of SMT Stencils so we have several manufacturing locations around the U.S. and Mexico in order to deliver fast, quality stencils for the PCB Assembly industry.

NanoSlic High-Preformance Coatings

NanoSlic® High-Performance Coatings

FCT Assembly has leveraged their chemistry knowledge to develop a unique coating that improves various steps in the PCB Assembly process. Our NanoSlic coating can be used on stencils to improve print transfer efficiency, minimze bridging and other defects, improve cleaning efficiency and much more. NanoSlic can also be used post reflow as a conformal coating or as an encapsulation to protect dielectric layers.

Precision Laser Cutting & Processing Services

Precision Laser Cutting Services

By utilizing our vast experience with all types of lasers, FCT offers custom laser processing services through our A-Laser division. Whether you are looking to cut flexible circuits, structure 3-D circuits, build chip carriers, or even just mark serial numbers, FCT Assembly's laser division offers numerous laser capabilities for the PCB assembly industry, medical device industry, aerospace and automobile industries and more.

Precision Laser Cutting & Processing

Recycling Services

FCT brings a fresh perspective to dross recycling, electronic scrap recovery for the PCB Assembly industry through our FCT Recovery division. Our innovative approach makes it easy to turn your dross and electronic scrap into cash. We provide excellent customer service, open communication and quick payment terms. Our transparent process means you always know what your material is worth up front.

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