NL930PT No Clean Solder Paste


NL930PT No Clean Solder Paste

NL930PT Solder Paste

NL930PT is a halogen free, lead free, no clean solder paste that is pin probable. NL930PT's pin probable qualities, when combined with FCT Assembly's NanoSlic technology, delivers surface area ratio (SAR) paste transfer efficiencies below 0.50 respectively. NL930PT is formulated to deliver exceptional cosmetics, especially when used in conjunction with Nihon Superior's SN100C patented lead free alloy. NL930PT leaves a crystal clear residue which eliminates the need for cleaning. This product is highly active which provides for exceptional wetting for a lead free paste. NL930PT also demonstrates extensive tack life. The classification for this product is ROL0.


Wide reflow profile window with good solderability on various PCB surface finishes
Completely halogen free by all tests
Excellent cosmetics
Clear residue
Pin-probable residue (no cracking, no gumming)
Low voiding and high reliability
Compatible with either nitrogen or air reflow

Production Details

Shelf Life: Nine months

Standard Lead Time

4 work days

Available Containers

30 gram syringe
100 gram syringe
250 gram jar
500 gram jar
500 gram cartridge
600 gram cartridge
1300 gram cartridge
7 pound cartridge

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