NC722 No Clean Solder Paste


NC722 No Clean Solder Paste

NC722 Solder Paste

NC722 no clean solder paste is a new generation halide free, rosin-based chemistry. NC722 was specially designed to be used with low temperature alloys like Sn 42 / Bi 58. This paste offers an excellent open time, extended abandon time and good soldering activity with all surface finishes. Residues left behind are clear and maintain a virtually indefinite pin probability life. NC722 is classified ROL0.


Excellent print volume consistency with surface area ratios (SAR) as low as 0.50 when used with the NanoSlic stencil technology
Non-hygroscopic formulation suitable for high RH areas
Wide reflow window with good solderability on various PCB surface finishes
Unlimited pin probability and clear post-process residues
Low voiding and high reliability composition
Formulated for fast printing
Designed for low temperature alloys

Production Details

Shelf Life: Nine months

Standard Lead Time

4 work days

Available Containers

30 gram syringe
100 gram syringe
250 gram jar
500 gram jar
500 gram cartridge
600 gram cartridge
1300 gram cartridge
7 pound cartridge

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