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NanoSlic® Coated Stencil

The NanoSlic® stencil is the most advanced solder paste stencil available today. The coating was developed by Florida CirTech chemists to acheive a durable, paste repelling coating that improves stencil printing significantly. Building on the proven benefits of the Slic™ stencil, advanced chemistry is used to impart a highly Hydrophobic & Oleophobic surface to the apertures and underside of the stencil. This non-stick surface resists solder paste build-up, significantly reducing the need for cleaning cycles. The Nano coating is permanently bonded to and conforms to aperture walls regardless of size or geometry. The NanoSlic® stencil improves paste release, enabling high yield printing at low area SARs (surface area ratios). NanoSlic® has a robust, abrasion surface that stands up to repeated cleaning.

We can NanoSlic® coat any of our stencils after laser cutting. Contact a sales person in your area.

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NanoSlic coatings can be useful for many other applications besides SMT Stencils. Leveraging their understanding of material behavior, Florida CirTech technologists recognized the need for a protective, hydrophobic coating; the result was the development of NanoSlic. Because of the durability and hydrophobic properties, NanoSlic coatings protect surfaces from water, oils, rust, chemical corrosion, thermal demands, abrasion and more. Some of the industries that benefit from a durable nano coating include agriculture, automotive/marine, health care, paints/adhesives and consumer appliances.

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