Lead Free Solder Paste


Lead Free Solder Paste

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Water Soluble?




No Lead Free  No ROL0
No Lead Free  Yes ROL0
No Lead Free No ROL0
Yes Lead Free No ORH1
Yes Lead Free No ORH1
Yes Lead Free No  ORH0 
No Lead & Lead Free No ROH1
No Lead Free  Yes  ROL0

The Advantages of SN100C Alloy:

  1. Lower raw material cost as a result of no Silver
  2. Less Drossing with respect to both 63/37 & SAC solder bar
  3. Much slower copper erosion in the copper plated thru holes
  4. Much less attack on the stainless steel solder pots versus SAC alloys



 SAC Alloy  SN100C Alloy
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