AMP One Ultra Low Voiding Solder Paste

AMP One Ultra Low Voiding Solder Paste
AMP One Solder Jar

AMP One Ultra Low Voiding Solder Paste

The AMP One solder paste from FCT Assembly, is redefining the voiding standard for PCB Assembly. By combining industry low levels of voiding performance with excellent activity and decreasing the potential for solder balling and graping, AMP One delivers assemblers an unmatched ability to amplify their process window while ultimately achieving higher yields.

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Why care about voiding?

Void Cross Section

In the ever-changing electronics assembly market, voiding has become a hot topic for many electronics manufacturers. Voids have the potential to cause two major defects in a PCB solder joint. First, they can lead to mechanical weaknesses which can create cracks in the solder joint. Voids can also hinder thermal dissipation, preventing heat transfer away from a component ultimately leading to thermal failure. Combining new advances in product technology as well as strong technical support, FCT Assembly is happy to provide numerous solutions as an attempt to help electronics manufacturers mitigate voiding.

For more information on how to improve your voiding performance please download "Fill the Void" by Tony Lentz, Field Application Engineer.

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AMP One Attributes

Ultra Low Voiding

Ultra-Low Voiding

Third party studies on voiding show that AMP One provides lower voiding than comparable no clean lead-free solder pastes. This is due to proprietary additives that enhance the de-gassing ability of the solder paste. These special additives allow gas bubbles to escape from the solder joints before solidification resulting in ultra low voiding.

AMP One Voiding Excellent Stencil Life

Excellent Stencil Life & Response to Pause

AMP One solder paste has been formulated to provide much longer stencil life than comparable no clean lead-free solder pastes. AMP One can easily be used on the printer for up to 8 hours. AMP One solder paste also tolerates pauses in printing very well. After a pause of 8 hours AMP One printed normally without kneading.

Superior Reflow

Superior Reflow Characteristics

AMP One solder paste produces top of the line reflow performance. Wetting is excellent, solder balling is very low and graping is best in class. AMP One tolerates a wide range of reflow profiles.

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